Monday, August 6, 2012

Construction of the new shop!

It's all happening rather fast at The Edge, where our new shop is really starting to take shape. The foundations have gone down, and the floor is in. The indoor outdoor covered area to the left of the shop is also going up. So exciting! 

This will be our walk to work when the shop is finished. Sure beats being stuck in the morning traffic! 

The Edge from a distance. To the right you can see construction of the shop and covered area going up. 

The covered indoor/outdoor area with sneeze wood poles for the veranda.

the sneeze wood poles for the veranda, with our shop in the distance. 

The covered area, with spectacular mountain views. 

The shop floor with the covered area in the distance.

The shop floor, with the back entrance of the restaurant in the distance, and the covered area to the left.

the shop floor and foundation.

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