Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lazy week end Inspiration

This week end I decided, NO WORK! It is the first time in over 3 month I have taken the week end off and just kicked back with some around-the-house creative projects, good movies, good friends, good food, family and a glass or two of juicy smooth red wine! I spent some time in my own little world making story boards to frame in my studio of things that inspire me.

One of the best things I discovered today was a site called "miss wall flower" What an absolutely delightful collection of the dreamiest photographs. I got to page 108 and still couldn't wait to see what was on the next page, and the next, and the next! Every page filled with inspiring images!

What a way to spend the week end, ready for another creative week, my head filled with all sorts of ideas and inspirations!

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